Goed nieuws! Martha heeft haar laatste vakken in Hotel and Catering Management succesvol afgerond! Ze begint nu aan een stage in het Haveton Hotel and Apartments in Mtwapa (Mombasa). In maart zal ze nog een internationaal examen (UK International Examination) afleggen bij het instituut voor Commercial Management. Ze heeft goede hoop dat ze na haar stage betaald aan de slag kan bij het Haveton Hotel.

Lees hieronder haar dankbare mail:

Dear Lonne,
Happy New Year.
My name is Martha Wanjiru, the student you sponsored to study Hotel and Catering Management at Mombasa Aviation Training Institute.
First, may I express my sincere gratitude to you and the Beatrice Scholarship Foundation for coming to my rescue when I was dropping out of college. My world and dreams had come to an end but you gave me a new lease of life. My family and I will always be grateful to you.
I successfully completed my Diploma course in December 2013 (last month). I have registered for the Institute of Commercial Management – UK International Examination which will be held in March this Year 2014.
I come from a family of 5, my father Njuguna, my mother Esther, my Brothers, Joseph and Kim and my sister Veronica. I am the first born, followed by Joseph who completed his high school education in November 2013 and is waiting for results to join college.
I have been fortunate to find an internship position at the Haveton Hotel and Apartments at Mtwapa in Mombasa as I prepare for the international exam. I am an intern in charge of House keeping. I hope I will be employed after my internship.
Many thanks for your help and may God bless you for the good work you are doing.
I will keep updating regarding my progress.
God bless you.
Martha Wanjiru
Mombasa, Kenya

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